Thursday, December 3, 2015

golden thyme workshop

First version
Renga style poem (syllable counts for lines: 5, 7, 5 - 7, 7; repeat)
10 mins writing time

I remembered you.
Writing online until dawn.
Instant messenger.

We didn’t need anything.
Just the time to play online.

My kindred spirit.
Best friends before I knew it.
You had a crush first.

So glad I flew to meet you.
Vacation of a lifetime.


2nd version
freestyle: prose
5-10 mins writing time

Whenever I walked alone, I always thought of you
Writing together online til 2am
Bitching about our lives
swapping dark trance music and funny youtubes in aol im
and bad mouthing the other writers.
I had no idea how bad you’d been crushing on me.
I’d only dated boys and I was so messed up.
After I got married
I still masturbated to thoughts of you
of us
in Texas
The greatest winter vacation of my life.
The fire ants, stetsons, and freeways freaked me out,
but the food was fantastic.
And no one’s ever held me at night the way you did.

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