Saturday, February 6, 2016

well, DUH

So, I had a silly thought while I was cleaning my sink out. It was slimy and gross, but don't worry - me and my friend bleach took care of it. Anyway, while I was working the thought occurred to me that bleach was pretty awesome. I mean, it as scouring so much scum and muck with total ease. It made me think of how I had rid my life of Jason. Not that kicking him like a bad habit was quick or easy. I paid a lot. Way too much. BUT?! Thinking of scouring scummer, I had the thought, "Geez, makes me wish there was a spiritual bleach I could use on me and Jason's bad joojoo." Then? I almost stopped the thought, mid-thought. With, "omfg, what's wrong with you?!?! are you a witch or not?!?! who are you and what have you done with me!??!"
Heh. So yeah, I smudged down the whole apartment. Thank you the universe :)

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