Thursday, February 25, 2016

Blasts from the past

I cried before I fell asleep. Last night, or the night before. I was thinking about Brent. He hadn't written back yet. I was crying because I had to admit, in my exhaustion, that it would hurt if he didn't want to meet up. You know, if he didn't give an actual fuck and just wanted to mail that damn book back to me. Course - why would be bother if he didn't want to reconnect? Spose I was silly to worry, to wonder, to consider grieving. It would've hurt a lot, to know he didn't give a fuck. It would've made Josh...I dunno. It would've made the fact that he didn't give a fuck...legitimate. I dunno.
I'm just...really glad Brent is willing to try and give a fuck.
Thank you, the Universe.

Also? re-connected with Clare. It was...soothing. And fun :)

And I got a job offer. From Brendan. I turned him down, but it...felt good, to have him reach out. To hear a word of praise. I hope he hired Biiwaabik - she deserves the chance, and if he'd learn to be more direct, he could help her grow.

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