Saturday, January 2, 2016

walking back into the ring

So I think I'm ready. If not, well, I've already got myself moving forward. I've made myself do a lot of stuff. A kung fu kid reminded me of that :)

I reached out. Told my story, one might even say. Just...a note, letting friends know that I'm hurting bad right now and that I'd love to hear or see memories of happier, me-er times. Got a lot of hit backs. Julie, Percilla, Sami, Bobbie, Michael VanDersomething, Becky, Laura P A, Teresa, Mary...

It was really good to have so many people reach out - especially the unexpected ones. I really loved feeling cared for and loved. It was so comforting. And I made time today to get back to people. To write to them to thank them for hearing me and caring and reaching out. I can't believe how much it helped me feel better to respond to everyone and cry while I did it.

My Deksi was right - I gotta tell my story.

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