Sunday, January 3, 2016

the bloggess

So I just subscribed to Jenny Lawson's blog feed. I like what she's accomplished. (I have to remember to get my friend that 3-month subscription to audible for a bday gift, and to get the niece an audio copy of Furiously Happy from audible - hopefully I have her email addy somewhere.)

She had a post today about this one word challenge. Supposedly, the challenge is to choose a word to live by, like a personal mantra or goal for this new year, 2016. I like the concept. I like that choosing a word is sort of like a contract with myself to live out the year and do it with positivity and hope. I also just like the fact that it's about words. I love words, language. It's why I donate to and listen to A Way With Words, the podcast show. So goooood.

The compulsion to just sink into my usual retreats is powerful, now. But, I'm liking what I've been feeling in resisting the urge to sink. The actions I've taken - telling my story to reach out to friends, writing responses to them, using self-sooth techniques.

No idea if there's a word to pick, if there's any one thing that could help, or help me most.

"Someday," maybe.

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